Внезапный Armored Warfare

Совершенно внезапно, Obsidian Entertainment (Knights of The Old Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth) анонсировали новый эпический проект — Armored Warfare, free2play MMO про танки. Вот это поворот, правда?

Но хочется выделить не видео и анонс, а эпические комментарии с официального форума.

«Apparently Obsidian Entertainment is now totally controlled by Mail.Ru Group, Russia’s second-largest Internet Mafia, and slaving away for their MMOs, including Armored Warfare and previously announced Skyforge.»

В ответ на комментарий «I don’t understand» — «I know brother, it’s like watching a horse fucking a woman porn. You already knew that something would happen but still surprised by the decadence and pointlessness of the act.» — оставим без перевода.

«Fucking Russia, first they occupy the Ukraine now they’re invading Obsidian. Hurry the fuck up and nuke their asses Obama.»

«I wonder when biowhores will jump into the «MMO tank» wagon. With romances and ancient evils.»

«This seems like some kind of an old testament style test of faith for Obsidian fanboys. You know, like when God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar, only to say ‘just screwin’ with ya, bro’ in the last moment.»

«I think I saw a movie or something once about how mobs show their good sides to their victims and give them some loans or whatever to make their dream project and when it fails the mobs will own the victims. I kinda thought it was a joke at first but man, They added it in their official forum. Its really happening.»

Такие дела. Доброе утро.

Post Author: Evgeniy Nesterovskiy

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